If you want a powerful and repeatable golf swing then this is for you!
Rory McIlroy’s Coach Reveals 
Simple “10-Minutes-Per-Day” Technique 
To Your Perfect Swing
More POWER and ACCURACY in Only 10 Minutes Per Day! 
Discover The Simple Techniques Revealed by the Coach to the Most Exciting Professional Golfer on the Planet...

Rory McIlroy
"I have worked with Michael Bannon for many years. He is without doubt the best swing coach in the world."
Learning from  Rory's coach, Michael Bannon, can instantly change your life...forever.

In a few short weeks, after following Michael’s advice you’ll feel like you are truly controlling your shots. Knowing exactly why you’re hitting every shot STRAIGHTER and LONGER than you’ve ever done before.  

You’ll become absolutely fearless on the links, going after every shot like you have Superhero powers!

Well, of course you’re not a Superhero...you’ll simply learn this “special power” from Michael’s amazing technique he calls ...
“The 6 Step Golf Lesson”
Michael Bannon is a modern day legend...the lifelong coach and mentor to Rory McIlroy.
Nurturing and developing the youngster’s golfing technique and swing from he was a little kid of 8 years old in Northern Ireland, to reaching the pinnacle of the sport as the World’s Number 1 Golfer.

To this day Rory keeps Michael close by his side as he competes all over the world.

Michael is revered in the teaching world and has been awarded European PGA Coach of The Year. 

His teaching style is unique.You see, Michael knows it doesn’t matter what sort of swing you have right now, you already have awesome reservoirs of breathtaking power hiding in your body, yet… 
The Way Most Of Us Learn To Hit A Golf Ball 
Is Just Dead Wrong!
That’s because we’re thinking too much.

Your brain gets “overloaded” struggling to take in a whole series of complex manoeuvres at the same time…and no matter how hard you try, it’s scientifically impossible!

Your brain can only think of one thing at a time. 

This is exactly why you hit slices and hooks, and squander vital power and energy. 

And, it’s exactly why you have got to get your perfect swing out of your conscious mind and into your subconscious mind.

Get it out of your head, so that you can repeat your perfect swing every time, without thinking

If you’re like most golfers, by the time you get round to taking a proper lesson, the damage is already done because you’ve learned a string of nasty habits that drain the power and accuracy from your swing. 

Then you struggle the rest of your days constantly battling against these habits, trying to iron out the glitches. You may even have stumbled upon a “secret trick” claiming to be the instant “magic-bullet” fix for any problem with your swing, and it may help for a short time, but old habits die hard.  You see… 
Your Inconsistent Swing Is Ingrained 
It’s the part of you mind that “automates” your actions.
Your brain has “trained” your muscles to move in a certain way…automatically, without you having to think about it! 

Even after a “good” golf lesson, your muscle memory drags you back into your old deep-rooted habits and movements, resurrecting your torturous inconsistency and frustration. Yet… 

Muscle Memory Is NOT A Bad Thing, In Fact…It’s The Solution

And, Michael has figured out how to get your perfect swing permanently branded deep into your muscle memory, making your naturally perfect swing second nature, giving you metronome-like repeatable power and precision.

What’s even more amazing is…
The 6 Step Golf Lesson Gives You This Advantage 
Without Hitting A Single Golf Ball!
Michael knows the golf ball is actually a DISTRACTION when perfecting your swing!

He’s personally witnessed this with hundreds of golfers. They get too hung up on blasting the ball as hard as they can.

Right now, there are some people who’ll be laughing their butts off at this approach. But who cares? Michael upholds his strong principles and has proved his technique gets your swing out of your head and into your muscle memory, so you are…

Consistently Launching Colossal Drives With Sniper Accuracy That Will Astonish Your Opponents!

The 6 Step Golf Lesson is so simple and easy to follow, yet so crushingly powerful that anyone can use it to turn their game into a predictable machine-like weapon. 

Your precise swing movements become “automated simplicity” so you repeat your perfect swing easily, every time…without even thinking about it...giving you complete domination over the links, and your opponents, as they whine endlessly about their “off days!”

For years the only way to learn the 6 Step Golf Lesson was to hire Michael personally. And now, that’s simply impossible.

That’s why giving you access to the 6 Step Golf Lesson Members Website is so important.

Pulling back the curtain on his techniques in this way is truly amazing. I mean, what other Master Craftsmen openly reveals their insider secrets to the world? 

The only reason he’s letting the cat out of the bag like this is because, he LOVES to teach, and he loves to see passionate golfers, like you and me, getting the maximum enjoyment from our game.And like all good teachers, he’s finally ready to spread the word. 

And you’re one of the lucky few because you are getting exclusive access to this unique members website before we decide to charge a monthly membership fee. 

This is an unbelievably exciting package…designed so you don’t risk a penny checking it out for yourself before you decide. 

 You get instant access to the 6 Step Golf Lesson’s high quality live videos, professionally shot with Michael on the famous Bangor Golf Course in Northern Ireland. 

Michael clearly demonstrates each step, detailing everything you need to know to master your perfect repeatable swing. Nothing has been left out. You get the same instructional format as you would standing right next to Michael on the golf course… with the added advantage that you have the lessons whenever you want them, and as often as you like. 

It’s just like having Michael Bannon as your life-long coach that you can come back to again and again. 

 You’ll instantly see: 
  • 6 Step Golf Lesson needs only 10 minutes per day - to produce game changing shots, time and time again!
  • Each Step Builds Upon the one before - to embed your perfect swing deep into your muscle memory, turning your swing into an automated weapon! Completely eliminating the embarrassment of slicing, hooking, shanking and topping or only hitting a mediocre distance!
  • Easily Follow The Steps in your home - in your office, inside or outside, in fact from almost anywhere you choose! It’s one of the reasons the 6 Step Lesson is so successful - you don’t have to sacrifice precious time out of your schedule to follow the proven process!
  • MASTER it without serious practice - and “own” the skill forever! You could actually play good golf using only the first 5 steps, it’s that effective!
  • The “invisible camera” technique - ensures you create pinpoint precision every time!
  • Exactly where the 6 Steps begin and end – so you can spot-check your progress and get a repeatable result no matter what the conditions are!
  • The truth about “follow through” – and why 99% of all golfers completely blow it right after they strike the ball!
And there's more:
You also get the complete 6 Step Golf Lesson in an amazing animated format...a virtual teaching model…6 videos giving you the perfect tool to help you visualize and mold your perfect swing, easier and faster, showing you a complete and precise breakdown of every detail. 

I guarantee you won’t have seen anything like this before, and will not see it anywhere else. That’s because it’s 100% unique, created specifically to teach the 
 6 Step Golf Lesson
And it gets even better:
You also get TWO Speed-Learning Bonuses to download with every live video lesson and virtual lesson.

The first Speed-Learning Bonus is a transcript manual containing the lesson text…print it, take extra notes, and highlight and underline all the crucial “hot-points” as you go along.

The second Speed-Learning Bonus is the audio recording of the lesson, so you can listen again as often as you like on your iPod or in the car to absorb every detail.

Why are you getting these additional bonuses? 

There’s a very specific scientific reason. Science has proven that the more senses we involve, the faster we absorb and remember the information…so you get faster results!
   And there's MORE:
You get 3 additional FREE Bonus Reports to help you improve your game. 

FREE Bonus Report #1

3 Pro Secrets To Slash Shots 
Off Your Next Round

  • ​Use these regularly, and you’ll be striking the ball more consistently, improving your scores and enjoying your game more than ever before!

FREE Bonus Report #2

How to Hit Longer Drives By Building Your Core Strengh 

  • Follow these simple insights to achieve the single biggest improvement most golfers want in their game!

FREE Bonus Report #3

5 Golf Facts to Instantly 
Improve Your Game 

  • You can instantly improve your golf game by taking control of the following five areas
And best of all:
You can access EVERYTHING…from anywhere, and at anytime, on your smart-phone or computer, through your Internet connection…even in the club house. 

Imagine, how your game skills will skyrocket with Michael Bannon coaching you through your smart-phone just minutes before you head out for your round.

Even if you mess up, you’ll have the cool confidence of knowing your perfect swing is embedded deep in your muscle memory, so you can “snap it back” into play on the very next shot.

Now, I’m not promising you’ll drop from a high handicap to scratch overnight. What will happen is, after following Michaels 6 Step Golf Lesson… 
You’re Going To Be Thrilled By How Much 
And who better to take a lesson from than the trusted coach to one of the most amazing golfers on the planet.

For the first time ever, Michael Bannon will help you develop your technique and swing too!

Right now, because he has insisted, you are getting full Unrestricted Lifetime Access for the ridiculously low figure below.

For a price that wouldn’t even cover one green fee at a decent course, you can discover your perfect automated swing, and have Michael Bannon’s teaching as your secret weapon…for the rest of your life!

That, my friend, is the bargain of a lifetime for a serious golfer like yourself. What’s more, the money is actually irrelevant, because…
You Are Completely Protected By Michael’s 60 Day, No-Risk,
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

It's scary -- Michael knows my swing better than I do.  When things started sliding south he knew exactly what to do...taking me back to the basics that rocketed me to No. 1 in the first place...steps that he taught me when I was a little kid. 

Rory McIlroy
Try out Michael’s techniques for yourself for a full 60 days before you decide. 

And if you’re not satisfied for any reason at all, simply let us know and we will send you a full 100% refund…no hassles…no questions asked

He’ll even let you keep all the Learning Bonus manuals and audio files just for trying it out!

How can Michael afford to be so generous? Easy – there are golfers at all levels who are thrilled with their new perfect swing after putting these steps into action. 
So he’s confident it will work for you too.

But you only have a narrow window to grab this amazing opportunity for yourself.

You must act now!...because in the very near future we may also be charging a monthly membership fee for the Unrestricted Lifetime Access you are getting today for a single one-off fee. 

That’s because loads more exclusive insider information may be loaded up on the site in the future. And your access to any exclusive future add-ons is absolutely FREE, when you take action now!  
Simply click the big button below to get in now. 
You also have absolutely nothing to lose with this super-generous 
money-back guarantee!
…It’s World Class straight talking no-nonsense instruction from the lifelong trusted coach to one of the world’s top golfers.
Rory McIlroy believes in Michael Bannon... 
And You Can Too!
So hit the button below, right now…you have nothing to lose…there’s no risk, no reason at all not to try this amazing package for yourself…yet this hot deal may never be offered again. 

So don’t let this chance to change your game forever slip you by! 
Click the big button below 
and get instant access right now! 
Only $37 

Michael is the only coach I've ever had.  

Now he can help you too
to discover the Perfect Swing for YOU!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
60 Day Money Back. Try out Michael’s techniques for yourself for a full 60 days before you decide. And if you’re not satisfied for any reason at all, simply let us know and we will send you a full 100% refund…no hassles…no questions asked.He’ll even let you keep all the Speed-Learning Bonus manuals and audio files just for trying it out!
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